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As manufactured housing turns the corner and becomes the new affordable housing of the future, it is the structural performance of these homes that will separate the winners from the losers.

The site and model specificity of Sure Safe® EFS foundations means that all engineering is geared towards meeting live and dead loads of the home along with the specific site conditions such as soil, earthquake, hurricane, frost heave, snow load, etc. Sure Safe® is also the only foundation that can be retrofitted on existing manufactured homes in compliance with IBC and HUD building codes without moving or lifting the home. Sure Safe® EFS foundations offers unparalleled savings in time and money. Sure Safe® EFS foundations can be installed in under 4-hours at 1/3 the cost of any IBC/HUD compliant foundation today!

Due to the superior structural performance of manufactured homes installed on Sure Safe® EFS foundations, special financing is now in the offing that will allow homes that are installed only on Sure Safe® EFS foundations to be appraised just like site built homes!

Since its introduction, the Sure Safe® EFS Steel Buttress ™ System has raised considerable excitement with engineers, architects, developers and building officials. This is because the natural forces of gravity govern the installation of the Steel Buttress™ foundation system. When completed each structural pier column carries precisely the same load, no more, no less. The Sure Safe® EFS Steel Buttress™ is the logical choice for permanent foundations in the manufactured home industry today. Sure Safe's superior strength, performance, and simplicity of installation can be fully installed on existing homes and new sets in less than four hours.

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Sure Safe® EFS is excited about what the future holds for the manufactured housing. Sure Safe® EFS's presence is to bring to manufactured homeowners engineered home foundation systems that will long outlast the life of homes in an efficient, timely and affordable manner. Sure Safe® EFS is fast becoming a major force in the manufactured housing industry by providing the much needed foundation solution to securitize manufactured home loans. This amounts to incredible opportunities for those who are trying to finance, refinance or resell a manufactured home.

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